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How to make Aroma Ornaments™ 
Written & created by Doneen St.John - Copyright © 2003 Bitter Creek

*An Original & Exclusive Bitter Creek Creation!* 
The instructions & method for making these are copyrighted and may not be published on any other website!
Our Aroma Beads can also be used to make the coolest scented ornaments and car air fresheners around!  I came up with this new idea and method for making Aroma Ornies™ while trying to think of some creative and original new uses for our products (and after I tried putting some in a tart warmer and they melted together accidentally, lol)!  "Ornies" and cardboard auto air fresheners are a hot item these days, but our Aroma Ornies™ have some huge advantages... they are translucent, so they look beautiful in the sunlight!  They can be easily colored with liquid candle dyes for a limitless rainbow of shades!  They hold a much larger fragrance load for a stronger & longer lasting scent!  They can be made in any shape you want!  Hang them in a sunny window for an even stronger fragrance release!*
*Be aware that the inside of an automobile can reach extreme temperatures in hot weather.  We recommend testing your ornaments in such conditions before selling just to be safe!  If you make the ornies too thin they may melt in the sun!
First make your scented & colored Aroma Beads as directed.
Choose metal cookie cutters in the shapes & sizes you want for
your ornaments.  Lay them on a metal non-stick cookie sheet.
Fill each shape with the beads, completely covering the bottom
with a layer about 1/4" deep.   Bake in the oven at 350 degrees
for about 5 - 10 minutes or until you can see that the beads have melted together. Baking times will vary with different ovens. 
Watch them carefully!
*Note:  They will not be smooth like glass, they will be bumpy like you see in the photo here.
*If you want a hole in the top for hanging, stand a flat head nail on it's head where you want the
hole to be.
Remove from oven with pot holders, and set on stove top to cool. 
A small amount of smoking is normal when they first come out.
Allow tray to cool completely before touching!  Next, carefully
remove the cookie cutters. 
*I prefer to cool mine in the freezer for a few minutes, which helps them release
from the cookie cutters easier. 
Once you remove the cutters, your ornament will be stuck to the pan, but it will peel off the non-stick metal fairly easily.  Don't be alarmed if it feels stuck.  They may feel like they won't budge at first, but once you start to pull it up it will peel off. 
*Note:  I peeled this one off after setting the tray outside in the snow to cool, so the cold may help release them easier!  Try putting the tray in your freezer!
Peel the shapes off the sheet, and they are done!  You can use a sharp tipped object like a nail to make a small hole near the top, and string some thin cord through to hang it with.  Or try using a paper hole punch for thicker ribbon!


  • Make plain, single colored ornies, or use multiple colors to make a stained glass or tie dye ornie!  Make stripes in a candy cane shape!  Sprinkle a few red and white beads on top of a green tree shape!  Add details to your ornies, like eyes on a gingerbread man, or on a Halloween pumpkin! 
  • Add mica powder and/or glitter before melting for a shimmery, pearlized effect!
  • The fragrance still remains strong even after baking, and should last for at least a couple of months!  These are not meant to be refreshed, they should be sold as a disposable air freshener.  Your customers should return to buy replacements when the fragrance loses it's strength.
Here are some other photos of creative and decorative Aroma Ornies submitted by customers!
Submitted by Laura C.
Submitted by Anita G.
Submitted by Laura C.


Package your Aroma Ornie™ in a clear cello bag, and staple a paper tag folded over the top.  You can then use a paper hole punch to make a hole in the tag and hang the packages on a store display rack.  Or just skip the hole punch and set them in a counter top box or basket type display.  Or for something a little more creative... how about using an inexpensive artificial Christmas tree!  Just package your ornies in cello bags tied at the top with ribbon or metallic cord, and hang on the tree for a colorful holiday display!  A great idea for a year round display would be to hang them on a decorative key hook board on a wall.  A coffee mug tree would also work great! 


  • Do not set these on wood surfaces as the oils can stain the wood!
  • Do not set them on painted surfaces or plastic surfaces as the oils can damage these surfaces!
  • Do not set on hot surfaces or in extremely hot enclosed areas as plastic could melt!
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets!
  • The fragrance will last for several months, depending on the fragrance, use, and exposure.

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